Postal worker arrested for taking money from woman's purse

WAREHAM, Mass. — A U.S Postal worker was arrested Saturday morning after he was caught stealing money from a woman's purse at a gas station in Wareham.

Police responded to a call for a larceny at around 7:40 a.m. at the Cumberland Farms on Main Street in Wareham.

The victim told officers she had put her purse down on a counter for a brief moment while she walked to the back of the store. When she went back to the counter, she realized $60 in cash was stolen from her bag.

After reviewing security footage, authorities found a customer in a USPS uniform had reached into the woman's purse and taken the money.

The suspect, identified as 63-year-old Thomas Medeiros, of Wareham, works for the U.S. Postal Service assigned to the Taunton area.

"I'm mortified, I cant believe anyone would do that, never mind a mailman that we trust," said Janelle Bogan. "We all do that, as im talking to you my purse is unzipped, I just came from a football game, and I don’t think we should have to be too worried if someone’s going to reach in and grab it."

Wareham Police then contacted Taunton Police, who arrested Medeiros while he was on his mail route and transported back to Wareham.

"We shouldn’t have to, we should feel comfortable leaving our bag on the counter without having to worry about someone stealing from us," said Liliana Rodolfo. "It’s completely inappropriate, especially a mailman, what are you doing with our mail if you’re stealing from people’s purses, are you stealing mail too?"

Many customers, taken aback by the mailman's actions, hope he will be held responsible both in court and by his employer.

The stolen money was recovered and Medeiros was charged with larceny from a person. He was bailed pending an appearance in Wareham District Court on Monday.