Coffee with Candidates: Andrew Yang

Coffee with Candidates - Andrew Yang

Coffee with Candidates is giving our viewers more insight into the people asking for your vote. Boston 25 News anchor Kerry Kavanaugh sat down with Andrew Yang.

Yang is an entrepreneur, founder of a nonprofit, and an author, but he's never sought political office until now. He says he's running for president to bring the country together.

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Kavanaugh and Yang spoke last week at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. He was speaking to voters during one of their "Politics and Eggs" breakfast session. Most people are familiar with Yang's support of a "universal basic income" for everyone at $1,000 a month, but you may not realize what inspired that.

"If we give ourselves, the American people our fair share of every Amazon sale, every Google search, every Facebook ad, every robot truck mile we can generate hundreds of billions in new revenue that can pay for the dividend very quickly," Yang said.

Yang is the son of immigrants and is also the first Asian-American Democrat to run for president, but Kavanaugh talked with him about why he doesn't like to get into so-called "identity politics."

Watch the full interview:

Coffee with Candidates - Andrew Yang

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