Police: Uber driver accused of rape had passenger for more than hour

Police: Uber driver accused of rape had passenger for more than hour

WRENTHAM, Mass. — An Uber driver is being accused of raping his passenger shortly before dropping her off at her destination.

Melvin Guerrero-Encarna, 33, was arraigned in Wrentham District Court Tuesday afternoon on two counts of rape.

According to the police report, Guerrero Encarna picked up the victim just after 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning on April 28 from a party at the Claremont Condos on King Street in Franklin.

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The victim tells police she told the driver she was drunk when she got into the vehicle, she says the driver pulled down a private road and climbed into the back seat.

"The driver then forced himself on her and also felt as if she was ‘beat up,'" the police report stated.

Guerrero-Encara’s attorney says his client remained in the front seat the entire time.

"There was no assault here, I think the facts will bear out that there’s a predator in this case and it’s not the man behind bars," attorney Robert Carmel Montes said.

Driving records from the app show the three-mile trip lasted an hour. The defendant's attorney says the two were talking.

The victim told police she was in and out of a black-out state during the ride.

"She left him her phone number at the very end of the return trip," Carmel-Montes said.

The driver's family did not want to comment on camera.

Uber has since removed him. The ride-share company just recently rolled out a new set of safety measures to protect riders.