• Police: Taunton High School student arrested for threatening classmates

    By: Mike Saccone


    TAUNTON, Mass. - Taunton Police arrested a high school student last week and charged the juvenile with making threats to other students, Lt. Eric Nichols confirmed to Boston 25 News on Monday. 

    Nichols said the school administrators were made aware on November 1 that the student had threatened classmates on evening of October 31. 

    Police and the school administrators immediately launched an investigation. 

    As a result of the investigation, police arrested the student who made the threats at his home without incident on the afternoon of November 1. The student did not attend school that day. 

    Nichols said the parents of the students who were threatened were contacted and advised of the investigation. Police determined there was no immediate threat to any of the students.

    “The safety of all students is the top priority of the Taunton School Department and the Taunton Police Department,” Nichols said. 

    Nichols also said a social media post circulating Monday regarding threats at the high school has been determined to be inaccurate.

    Some parents, however, were furious they weren't notified about the arrest days after it happened. Some said they found out about what happened through social media.

    "I feel that they should have notified us, sent out an alert to all of us like they do for the weather or any other issues that go on," said Dalon Costa, a Taunton High School mother.

    One mother, who requested to remain anonymous, told Boston 25 News her son was one of the three students being targeted.

    "My son's name, along with two other students' names were on a list that they had found and the other children had came to them and informed them that they were being targeted to be shot," said the mother. "

    Taunton Police told Boston 25 News they did inform the parents of the students who were threatened, but did not put an alert to the school district because they said that's something the school district would handle.

    The school superintendent told us; "The minor involved in the incident was arrested outside of school for making threats toward other students. The parents of the threatened students were contacted, made aware of the threats and informed of their investigation." 

    Parents said they should have been notified regardless.

    "So we could have decided what the safety or what we wanted to do for our children for their safety," said Costa. "It shouldn't have been their decision, it should be ours."

    According to the school superintendent, if he felt as though the general population or campus were threatened, he would have put an immediate alert saying, "As always, the safety of all our students is, and will always remain a top priority."

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