Police: Suspect in East Boston hit and run has suspended license

Police: Suspect in East Boston hit and run has suspended license

BOSTON -- A violent hit and run in East Boston was captured on video, but the suspect was arrested nearby thanks to a Good Samaritan.

Boston 25 News reporter John Monahan spoke with the person who shot the disturbing video, some of which is to gruesome to be shown.

Daniel Guzman said he woke up to screaming coming from the street, and when he looked out what he saw horrified him.

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A man was lying in the crosswalk in a pool of blood, but was able to climb up onto the hood of the car.

"He had gotten hit and he laid on the hood of the car and [the driver] kept driving until he fell off the vehicle,” Guzman said.

Guzman said the victim was unconscious for at least five minutes afterwards. During that time, the driver who hit him backed up and took off.

That driver was later arrested and identified as 35-year-old Eric Hernandez. Police said his license had been suspended.

Boston 25 News has confirmed that Hernandez works as an Uber driver, but was off-duty at the time of the crash.

"The behavior alleged is totally unacceptable. We are looking into the matter and have removed the driver's access to the app while we investigate," Uber said in a statement.

According to court paperwork, the incident started when Hernandez got into a fight with two men in the crosswalk. He then allegedly used his car as a weapon.

“He wanted to hit the other guy. The other guy jumped away," Diaz, the witness, said.

Hernandez allegedly took off, but Diaz followed him and eventually got him to stop.

“He pulled over. I said get out the car. You’re not gonna go nowhere. He was like I didn’t do anything," Diaz said.