Police searching for suspect who stole from restaurant tip jar

BOURNE, Mass. – Police on Cape Cod are investigating after a woman apparently stole from the tip jar at a popular restaurant, and the owners say it’s the second time she’s done it.

Security video shows the woman at the take-out counter as she reaches into the jar several times.

“It looks like she went in three times to grab some cash and maybe look for bigger bills were not sure,” server Alaina Hatch said.

“We make obviously a lower wage, it’s not a minimum wage. Most of the money we make comes from tips and as hard as we work it's really discouraging that someone would take that cash from us,” she said.

2018-02-19 Tip Jar Theft

The Bourne Police Department is enlisting the help of our dedicated Facebook Gumshoes once again. We are actively investigating a larceny of cash from a tip jar at one of our local restaurants. On February 19, 2018, employees of The Lobster Trap Restaurant in Bourne noticed that money was missing from their tip jar located on the front counter. Upon review of surveillance footage, it was determined that a woman, who entered the restaurant at approximately 5:50 pm, repeatedly took money from the tip jar as she stood by the front counter. Pay careful attention to her mannerisms, clothing, and eye glasses. Please contact the Bourne Police Department Detective Unit at 508-759-4420 EXT 212 if you have any information on this woman’s identity.

Posted by Bourne Police Department on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

E.J. Baraccchini said he was working at the fish counter when the same woman stole from the Lobster Pot in October.

“It's just kind of scummy, low. I don't get why you would come in here and take money from hard working kids no matter what your situation is,” he said.

Bourne police Sgt. Mike Mulligan says detectives already have promising leads, and with the public’s help they hope to quickly identify her.

“It’s basically the principle of it. These are hard-working people that deserve their tips. We would just like to identify this woman and hold her accountable,” he said.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to call the Bourne Police Department Detective's Unit at 508-759-4420 ext. 212.