Quincy PD help free woman trapped beneath car after 2 people hit in parking lot

Quincy PD help free woman trapped beneath car after 2 people hit in parking lot

QUINCY, Mass. — Two people were hit by a car in a Stop and Shop parking lot in Quincy on Thursday. One of those victims was pinned underneath the vehicle before police officers and one grocery shopper lifted the car to get her out.

The police chief said he really believes they avoided something potentially catastrophic.

Surveillance video showed the moment a car spun out in the parking lot, striking one man and then reversing, before hitting a woman walking nearby.

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A bell ringer who wanted to remain anonymous said he saw the whole thing.

“She hit her, the lady went underneath the car and, from where that burgundy car is right there, dragged her from there to where that black SUV is,” that bell ringer said. “The lady was underneath the car [yelling], ‘get it off me! Get it off me!’”

According to Quincy Police two officers happened to be in the parking lot and witnessed the accident unfold. Those two ran over to help and, when backup arrived, lifted the vehicle to get the woman out from underneath.

“Their actions were definitely able to save her because without the officers being here and helping, it appears as though she was going to rev the car and maybe go forward and cause more damage to the poor female beneath the vehicle,” Sgt. Pat Bounaugurio of Quincy Police said.

A grocery shopper also helped with the lifting.

According to Quincy Police the driver of the car was a 42-year-old woman who did remain at the stop and shop to answer questions.

The two people who were struck were taken to Boston Medical Center. Police said that both of those people do have broken ribs among other serious injuries.

No charges have been filed but police are still investigating.