Police officer buys food, water for family that fell on hard times

SEEKONK, Mass. — A Seekonk police officer went above and beyond the call of duty Thursday night.

Officer Brian DiCristoforo was sent to a retail location the south end after receiving reports of a woman panhandling with two small children.

He spoke with the mother, where English is her second language, and ensured that they were all safe.

She had explained to DiCristoforo that the family had fallen on hard times and were staying in a local hotel while the father was looking for work to repair their vehicle.

Officer DiCristoforo then took it upon himself to buy the family dinner, ice cream and a case of water.

“This is not the first time he and other members of this department have helped citizens who could use a little extra support,” the department said in a Facebook post. “We are proud of Officer DiCristoforo this and everything he does. He a fine officer and an asset to this agency.”