Police: Missing insurance agent found safe

Police: Missing insurance agent found safe

LOWELL, Mass. — The search for a missing insurance agent has ended.

Bryan Provencher, an insurance agent in Hudson, New Hampshire, was last seen in Lowell, Massachusetts on July 31.

After nearly two weeks, the Hudson Police Department announced that Provencher was found safe.

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No additional information surrounding his disappearance was released.

Provencher has an insurance office in Lowell and some of his customers say he took their money -- and never paid insurance premiums.

When Boston 25 News reached out to Provencher Insurance, a woman told us they are "still working with every customer and trying to help them."

They say they are asking for receipts of payments to work with insurance carriers and have payments made.

She said it's "unclear what will happen from here. We are hoping justice can be served."

The woman then transferred our call to Edward Lukatsky, who told us he is in the process of taking over the agency - which was once run by Provencher.

Lukatsky says they have reached out to the Division of Insurance for guidance and have sought legal counsel. He says about 50 customers have come forward so far, mostly for unpaid car insurance and that if customers do not have proof of payment, it is tough to help them.

"I am trying to make things right and fighting to make sure their insurance is honored," Lukatsky told Boston 25 News.

Lukatsky says they are looking through policies and reaching out to customers who may not know there is a problem. He estimates Provencher had 700 to 900 customers.

One woman who spoke to Boston 25 News last week said she's been insuring through Provencher's office for 30 years.

She was at the office Thursday because even though she paid her premiums, her insurance was on the verge of cancellation.

Even still, she expressed worry and concern for Bryan Provencher, the 48-year-old husband and father who left behind so many questions.

“[He’s] very polite … I would have never thought this would happen. Never,” a customer, Lillian Rosenberger, told Boston 25 News.

Customers of the insurance agency he manages in Lowell tell Boston 25 News it appears that before leaving, he took their money -- leaving recent policy premiums unpaid.

“He's a great guy. So, no one seen this coming at all,” Jaime Kirby, another customer, said.

Kirby's daughter is one of the alleged victims.

Last month, she paid Provencher $750 to insure her first car.

“It's a big deal to a 17-year-old that worked hard for it, you know?” Kirby said.

But a shock came three days ago when Kirby said the insurance company told her the car was never insured because Provencher wrote them a bad check.

“So now we're no longer covered, so we're being asked to pay several more hundred dollars to get our coverage back,” Kirby said.

As word spread through social media of the possible theft of premiums, Provencher's customers came to the insurance agency looking for answers.

“Their payments are all messed up in the computer and everything. And we're trying to figure out it.

Trying to get all their bank statements and everything to show we paid our bills,” Rosenberger said.

Provencher's family declined to speak with Boston 25 News.