Police: Men who blew smoke in goat's face charged with animal cruelty

Police: Men who blew smoke in goat's face charged with animal cruelty

TAUNTON, Mass. — Three men seen blowing marijuana smoke into the face of a goat in a social media video have been charged with animal cruelty, according to Taunton police.

Lorenzo Kelley, 20, Nuno Camara, 18, and Jared Jorge, 21, were all charged with animal cruelty after police say they were seen in a video taking turns sitting on a goat and blowing smoke into its face.

The video allegedly shows the three men take the goat out of its pen, tie a chain around its neck and take it inside a home.

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Inside the home, police say that’s when one of them sat on the goat and they blew smoke into it’s face while cheering and laughing.

"Basically, they took the goat against its will, had a chain around it’s neck," Taunton Police Lieutenant Eric Nichols said. "They were pulling on it, they were straddling the goat at one point and what we believe on the video is exposing the goat to marijuana."

Police say they the video, dated July 10, allowed them to identify the three men, who have all been summoned to appear in court.

Neighbors took offense to the incident, including Robin Haddad, who lives next door.

"I thought it was sick," Robin Haddad said. "I was upset that they could do that to an animal, bring it into the house and torture an animal like that."

Haddad and her husband Mike have lived next door to Camara Jr.'s family for 15 years, and are worried for other animals now after the incident.

"They have pigs, goats, chickens and ducks back there," Haddad said. "I think the other animals should be taken because if they did it to that one, they will probably do it to all of them."