Family members identify man shot and killed early Saturday morning in Everett

EVERETT, Mass. — An investigation is underway in Everett after a man was shot and killed overnight. Police say it happened outside a bar on Ferry Street.

The victim's family told Boston 25 News that the victim's name was Jarrod Harris; he was a 42-year-old father of two children.

One witness says he called 911 after seeing that the man was shot in the chest. He ended up on the ground shortly after leaving a bar across the street.

"I mean I like working here, but I’m going to keep my eyes open at night, when I leave here at night now, absolutely," said Victor Bramante, who works across the street from where the shooting started Friday night.

Police say a man and woman left the Karma Lounge on Ferry Street around 1 a.m. when a fight broke out outside and someone started shooting.

"He started wild firing at him, just shooting him," Bramante said. "And I guess the guy tried to get away and he was like a sitting duck sitting in front of the buildings."

Those businesses now left with bullet holes where the victim fell after trying to escape the gunfire from across the street. Police say Good Samaritans tried to help save him – but the 42-year-old man was pronounced dead in the hospital.

"It all boils down to people that shouldn't be having guns and being around establishments that pretty much go out of their way to make sure everybody’s safe," said Antonio Avanti, the friend of the bar owner.

Now business owners and neighbors are hoping all the security cameras nearby will help police arrest a suspect soon.

At this point the victim has not been identified and there has been no word on any arrest.