• Police: Man electrocuted after jumping onto third rail at Central MBTA stop

    By: Mike Saccone


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - A man has died after jumping onto the tracks at the Central Square MBTA stop and coming into contact with the electrified third rail, Transit Police said. Police say the man jumped into the pit around 7 p.m. Monday. 

    Nick Viveiros, a Suffolk University student who lives in Central Square, was on an inbound red line train that was just about to arrive at Central when the man jumped.

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    He said the passengers were forced to evacuate the train and walk through the tunnel to exit the station. 

    Shuttle buses replaced train service between the Central and Park Street stops for about two hours. Regularly scheduled train service resumed just after 9 p.m. 

    Police said the man was trespassing and foul play isn't suspected. Police haven't released the man's name, but said he's around the age of 35. 

    The investigation is ongoing.

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