Police: Man broke into high school 4 times, hid for hours to stalk teacher

Police: Man broke into high school 4 times, hid for hours to stalk teacher

MANSFIELD, Mass. — A man is accused of breaking into Mansfield High School four times to try to keep tabs on his ex-girlfriend who works for the Mansfield School District.

Boston 25 News was the only camera in court when Tu Le faced a judge Monday after being arrested for breaking into Mansfield High School on four different occasions.

"The defendant was encountered in one of the school buildings on the first floor looking out at the parking lot where the staff parked their vehicles," said Bristol County Assistant District Attorney Natasha Azevedo.

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Le is accused of getting into the school when the public had access, specifically for something that was happening in the auditorium. Once inside, police say Le sometimes would hide in dark classrooms.

A custodian encountered him multiple times.

In one incident, according to court documents, Le was told to leave but he snuck into another classroom and was discovered again hours later.

Police say Le was stalking his ex-girlfriend, even going as far as putting a GPS tracker on her car.

"Affixed it to her vehicle on three separate occasions. One of them was found in Mansfield used to track her whereabouts," Azevedo said.

Police say they found the tracking device on her car and planted it at another location and when Le showed up, he was arrested.

Investigators say Le had binoculars, other GPS tracking devices, and they have him on school surveillance video multiple times.

Parents were alerted by the school superintendent about what was going on.

"To hear this is happening to a school that is very, very strict on their rules and there is always a policeman here. Makes me quite nervous that someone can get by that security," a parent told Boston 25 News.

Prosecutors asked for Le to be held until a dangerousness hearing could be done. That was granted and is set to happen this week.

*Editor's Note: The Mansfield superintendent Tuesday sent Boston 25 News reporter Robert Goulston the following update regarding school security:

"As has been reported, the Mansfield Police arrested an individual for breaking and entering two Mansfield schools during after-school hours. The individual identified a vulnerability in each building and we have addressed it. We will be even more vigilant during after-school hours at restricting access to sections of the building that are not in use and be diligent with door security.
Working with the Mansfield Police Department, all school security protocols are constantly being reviewed and revised. Our district is in the process of completing projects that the community funded this year for $328,000. which includes visitor management software, an exterior electronic door entry system, additional security cameras, PA system, as well as plans for visitor vestibules.  In addition, we recently submitted an $80,000. grant proposal through the Commonwealth's Executive Office of Public Safety and Security for other items."