Police: Man assaulted female runner in Bridgewater, tried to abduct her

BRIDGEWATER, Mass. - A man tried to abduct a female runner in Bridgewater Sunday morning, according to the police department.

Police say several people called 911 Sunday morning around 7:30 a.m. to report a woman being attacked while running down Pleasant Street.

According to investigators Gordon Lyons, 57, pulled his car over in front of the runner, ran toward here and grabbed her arms to force her into the car.

Lyons allegedly sexually assaulted the 37-year-old woman as he had her in his grasp, but police say she was able to scream and fight with Lyons until they both fell to the ground.

Police say that’s when Lyons ran back into his car and drove away.

Surveillance video released from the incident shows Lyons try to get the woman into his car, and the moment he drove away from the scene.

One man, an 84-year-old neighbor in Bridgewater named Donald Prohovich, was able to intervene in the situation.

"He was trying to grab her and put her in the car," Prohovich said. "I started walking toward him, he still struggled and she was struggling."

While he helped in the situation, the woman he's accused of targeting was vigilant enough to take a photo of the suspect's vehicle.

"She was terrific," Prohovich said. "She was a heroine, actually."

According to police, several witnesses called 911 and reported the vehicle, which was later found after crashing into another car on Route 24.

Lyons has been charged with indecent assault and battery, assault and battery and kidnapping.

Police say the runner refused medical attention and they’re asking anyone who witnessed the attack to call them with information at 508-697-6118.

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