Police investigating vicious attack caught on camera in Quincy

QUINCY, Mass. — State police are investigating a disturbing video of an attack by one group of teens against another.

The attack is believed to have happened Monday night in Marina Bay around 5 p.m.

Quincy Police said the brawl had ended by the time they arrived, but they are aware of a video posted online showing the attack.

The video starts with one group of boys taunting and spitting on the victims as the cower against the railing on a pier. Soon, the punches begin and the defenseless victims are tossed around while the attackers laugh and curse.

"For victim privacy reasons, we would request that if a similar situation occurs, rather than post to social media, contact the investigating police agency and forward directly to them - particularly if it could involve juvenile victims," a release from the department said.

People who live in the area say the pier is a place where teens typically gather for innocent fun and swimming during the summer.

"Come here and have a good time, you jump off the docks. It’s supposed to be nice. On the hot summer days, I mean, all ages come," resident Shelby Chiasson said.

State police are working to identify those involved and figure out what led up to the attack.