Police investigating rash of car break-ins outside two gyms in Manchester, NH

Police investigating rash of car break-ins outside two gyms in Manchester, NH

Police are investigating after a rash of car break-ins at a business in Manchester, NH, according to Manchester Police.

Police said they responded to Perimeter Road around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday night after multiple people reported that their car windows were broken and items were taken from their vehicles while they were inside a gym and a gymnastics studio.

Police said several thousand dollars worth of items including purses, wallets, cell phones and laptops were stolen while people were working out.

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The suspect(s) allegedly broke into at least nine cars in less than 30 minutes between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., while dozens of cars were parked outside the gyms.

"They hit when we were busiest and when the gymnastics studio next door was busiest," Ryan Griffin, owner of the training gym, told Boston 25. "I was helping to sweep up glass out of cars and we were trying to get our people home, giving them some type of window so they weren’t freezing last night because it was pretty cold."

Noha Labib, owner of the gymnastics studio, said the surveillance footage doesn't provide the best picture of the suspect(s), but it does show a silver car parking in multiple spots within 30 minutes.

"He was actually, literally parking between the two cars, coming down and walking behind his car and breaking into the back windows," Labib said, of what she believes happened. "And every spot that he changed was always between the two cars that were broken into on both sides."

She told Boston 25 she's concerned about all the young children who attend her class, knowing these crimes are happening outside.

"Parents are so scared because it’s not safe for their kids to come in and out, and sometimes they have another kid in the car," Labib said.

According to Labib, it was raining while the car break-ins happened so the police could not take any fingerprints.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Manchester Police detectives at 603-792-5500, and police said anyone could be eligible for a cash reward if their tip leads to the successful arrest and prosecution of any suspects responsible.