Police investigating photo that appears to show officer texting while driving

READING, Mass. — The Reading Police Department is investigating after a picture was posted showing what appears to be an officer texting while driving.

The picture was sent to FOX25 and Malini Basu spoke to the police chief about what actions the department is taking.

FOX25 has decided to blur the officer’s face in the picture, but you can still see what appears to be a cell phone in his hand.

“He was holding the steering wheel with one hand going down like this. We are doing 20 to 25 miles per hour,” Gerry, the woman who took the picture, said. “I was right beside him taking the picture and I said ‘I’m taking a picture of you while driving.’”

Gerry took the picture Tuesday while driving on Pleasant Street with her teenage daughter in the car.

“No one should be texting and driving. Especially the police,” she said. “I'm disappointed. It gives our police department a bad name when you see something like this.”

Reading Police Chief Mark Segalla told FOX25 the picture is being investigated.

“It's concerning that it appears in the [picture] that officer is using a cell phone while driving,” Segalla said. “He's off today, we reached out to him to inform him about the incident.”