Is Boxford golf ball caper linked to community controversy?

BOXFORD, Mass. – Police in Boxford are searching for the person or people who left hundreds of golf balls strewn about a popular park.

So far, over the past two weekends, at least 300 balls have been collected across Boxford Common.

“There was no targeted location they were everywhere,” Police Chief James Riter said. “It looks like someone was just dumping golf balls throughout parking lot and walking around and hitting them all over the field.”

Collecting the golf balls has nearly become a full-time job, and now many residents are worried that it could lead to injury for someone using the athletic fields or surrounding recreation area.

“You could roll your ankle, a lot of kids could take a wicked fall,” parent Bill Jacavanco said.

The fields are used by individuals for recreation and sports organizations such as Tribal Youth Lacrosse.

“If anyone is watching is who’s doing it, knock it off because we’ll find you,” coach Jan Hass said.

The fields were recently constructed on land purchased with preservation funds, but it wasn’t an unanimously popular decision.

“If someone is concerned or upset with the property, they should take it up with town hall or board of selectmen and don’t put the community kids in danger,” Chief Riter said.

At this point there’s no proof to definitively link the golf balls to the community controversy.

Police are continuing to investigate. If the culprit is caught, he or she could be charged with vandalism and littering.