Police: 'Flash mob theft' at Natick Mall could be connected to similar one in Hingham

NATICK, Mass. — Thousands of dollars worth of iPhones were gone in a flash inside a local mall this week and police say it's a crime they've seen before.

Natick Mall surveillance video caught the whole scene on camera as a group of people swarmed the Apple store and made off with phones.

Police are working to track down suspects after the flash mob theft and they say it could be related to a similar one that happened in Hingham a few weeks ago.

There are likely seven suspects seen in the video, according to police.

In surveillance, you can see them walked into the mall with hoods or hats on Wednesday night. They walk into the Apple store, with a lot of other customers around.

Police say they cut security cords and leave with 19 phones, adding up to about $13,000.

It's especially concerning, given a new trend Apple is testing at some of its stores in the U.K. and Canada. Stores there are untethering phones so customers can walk around with them and get a feel for them. The change may be rolled out in the U.S. next year.

Apple does say alarms will ring if customers try to steal phones, but that hasn't deterred suspects here.