Police: Dorchester church's statue vandalized for the 4th time in a month

Police: Dorchester church's statue vandalized for the 4th time in a month

BOSTON — A statue at a Dorchester church has been vandalized for the fourth time in the past month, according to Boston police.

The statue at St. Gregory's Church in Dorchester has been defaced with some sort of red substance, Boston police reported.

The church told police the same red substance has appeared on the statue four times over the past month.

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"It’s just a disrespect for you know, people of faith," said Fr. Jack Ahern, pastor at St. Gregory's Church. "I mean the first time it happened we thought it was just a silly prank and hopefully the next day they’d come to their senses, realize it’s mean spirited. But when it happens two or three or four times, it’s more hateful."

Boston police say this incident is connected to reports from March 11 and March 13 at churches in Hyde Park.

Most Precious Blood Church on Maple Street had a similar incident early on Monday morning, March 11, according to police. They also say Saint Anne's Church on West Milton Street was hit in a similar manner on Wednesday morning, March 13.

Police say the same red substance was found on the statues and on a bench outside of Most Precious Blood Church.

A person at Most Precious Blood told police an unknown woman entered the church and attempted to spray an 'unknown substance' on the statues inside the church. When confronted, police say the woman said she was just praying and left in a white sedan.

The priests said it's devastating to deal with heading into holy week -- Catholic's most sacred week of the year.

"The fact that it’s Lent and it’s Easter. I mean people tend to take this faith a little more seriously," added Fr. Ahern. "And even the kids. I mean the kids were just heartbroken. From the littlest two or 3 year olds upwards to saying how could someone be so mean."

Anyone with information is strongly urged to contact Boston Police District C-11 (Dorchester) Detectives at (617) 343-4335.