Police say DNA evidence led to second teen charged in 2017 Cambridge murder

Police charge second teen in 2017 murder in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — It took a year, but Cambridge Police say they've found both men responsible for a deadly shooting near Inman Square.

On Nov. 16, 2017, investigators say two men told the victim, 28-year-old Malachi Mims they wanted to buy marijuana from him. But when they met up, they tried to rob him of the drugs at gunpoint.

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During the altercation, Mims was shot and killed.

Surveillance video showed the two men in the area. Police also found a fingerprint that belonged to 18-year-old Kevin Reddick on Mims's car.

Reddick was arrested and during a search of his home, police found two jackets that matched what the two suspects were wearing the night of the murder.

DNA on one of the jackets came back to 17-year-old Osiris Chambers. Reddick was earlier charged with murder and other charges.

Then just last month, Chambers was also charged with murder.

He was already in jail on unrelated charges.

Chambers will be back in court in late January to face the murder charge and other charges.