Police: Bruins fans arrested in 'vicious' beating at Quincy T stop

Court docs: 2 beaten by group of Bruins fans at T stop

BOSTON — Four people have been arrested after "viciously beating" two people at a Quincy T stop, according to MBTA transit police.

Five men captured on surveillance footage were wanted for questioning in an aggravated assault and battery at North Quincy just hours after the Boston Bruins beat the Carolina Hurricanes in a playoff game.

One victim was beaten so severely the person was left with facial fractures to his eye area, needed ten stitches, has a concussion and will likely need reconstructive surgery.

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All five men were pictured in Boston Bruins gear Friday, May 10 around midnight, according to police. Officials have not said whether the men in the surveillance video were those who were arrested.

Police say one of the five men came forward first and identified the others. He told investigators he took off before the incident and he was not charged.

Stiles Bezema, 21, of Wrentham, Antonio Green, 31, of Feeding Hills, John Pritoni, 29, of Norfolk, and Thomas Pritoni, 23, of Norfolk, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery resulting in serious injuries.

Prosecutors allege Bezema is the one in the group who first started mouthing off to the victims, which they say escalated into the brutal beatdown.

Bezema and Green bailed out, while the Pritoni brothers are being held on warrants for other cases.

Prosecutors say a lot of the incident was caught on surveillance video inside the T stop in North Quincy.