Police bicycles with a twist: Local departments adding electric bikes

Police bicycles with a twist: Local departments adding electric bikes

FRANKLIN, Mass. — Police bicycles, but with a twist. Some local police departments are adding electric bicycles that can reach speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour.

Franklin, Medway, and Millis Police Departments are training their bike officers on new equipment, from learning how to operate it and learning how to stop it.

"It's eye-opening to see how fast they can go," said Franklin Police Sgt. Jason Reilly. "We get to places a lot quicker, we get into places we couldn't get into in a car and the officer is not going to winded when they get there and focus a little more on what is going on and it's a safer result for everybody."

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With speeds of about 26 miles per hour, the officer on the bike can get to a call almost as fast as an actual police vehicle.

"That's a good speed. That's almost as fast as a car in the center of town," said Reilly.

The bikes also help keep officers out in the community.

"I think just naturally looking at a police officer surrounded by a police car is a natural boundary. Sometimes the windows are tinted, the windows up and people are a little apprehensive to approach a police car," said Reilly.

The bikes run for about $4,000. Franklin, Millis, and Medway plan to share the five bikes.

"Get the training in today, the fireworks are Saturday," said Reilly.

"We're going to be using them Friday night. The Army band is coming in 7-9 and you will see officers out there," said Medway Police Sgt. Watson.