• Fireworks explode on barge in Plymouth


    PLYMOUTH, Mass. - A barge being used for a July Fourth fireworks celebration in Plymouth exploded and caught fire Monday night.

    There were no reported injuries. However, Police say a malfunction caused the explosion about 15 minutes into the fireworks show on the waterfront. 

    Witnesses say the fireworks show had been going on for about 10 or 15 minutes when there was a large boom on the barge followed by bursts of fire.

    On Tuesday, officials said they believe the fire was caused when a fireworks shell exploded inside a mortar tube. 

    [Warning: Brief NSFW language in video below.]


    The barge fire lasted for about 10 minutes and may have spread to a second barge and police say many fireworks did not get detonated.

    According to town officials, unexploded fireworks may wash up on shore in the area. People are warned not to touch them as they could be very dangerous. 

    You are asked to report any found fireworks to police or fire officials.

    The Massachusetts Fire Marshal's office says there was another fire on a fireworks barge in Salisbury. No one was injured, but officials say it started due to trash that left on the barge igniting. 

    Fire officials are working to find out why the fire started in Plymouth and how to dismantle the remaining unexploded fireworks. 


    The Associated Press contributed to this report

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