Plumber offers tips to prevent frozen pipes as temperatures dip into single digits

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – With temperatures expected to stay below freezing for the next week, the threat of frozen pipes is high on the minds of many homeowners.

Boston 25 News reporter Jacqui Heinrich spoke with John Ambrisono from Total Temperature Control who said he gets the same quests every year for preventable problems.

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First, Ambrisono said it’s important to make sure the heat is on when you go to sleep at night or leave home for an extended period of time.

It’s also important to make sure that your thermostat isn’t near a fireplace, because that can cause a signal to turn off the heat impacting other parts of the room or your house. The best thing to do,

Ambrisono said, is keep the fire low, and keep the heat on.

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As for pipes that may be in exterior wall, Ambrisono said an old trick may be key.

“Kitchen sink, that always seems to be a problem freezing, all you want to do is set it between the hot and the cold, and just have a trickle,” he said.

If your pipes run through cabinets, leaving the doors open can also help ensure they don’t freeze.