• Petition asks to bring 'happy hour' back to Massachusetts


    BOSTON - It's been more than three decades since 'happy hour' was permitted at Massachusetts bars, but a new petition is hoping to change that.

    Massachusetts is one of the few states that has prohibits bars from discounting drinks.

    The petition argues that because the state already has casinos and doctors who can prescribe marijuana, happy hour should also be legal.

    The ban was created back in 1984 to try to reduce the amount of drunk driving incidents. Since then drunk driving deaths have dropped from 362 to 133 in 2011, in line with a nationwide pattern.

    The petition looks it ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft that make it possible to get anywhere around town at any time, even after consuming alcohol.

    Mayor Walsh is opposed to bringing happy hour back to Boston. He has consistently held this position over his career. It is important to note that this is a state issue through the ABCC and there is no official proposal at this time.

    To read more about the petition visit http://happyhourboston.com/.

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