People fly out for April break with confidence from vaccination efforts

BOSTON — Logan Airport was bustling Sunday morning, filled with families flying out for school vacation week.

“We are off to Disney World,” said Erica Cross, of Paxton. ”It’s one of our favorite vacation spots and we waited a long time to get back, so we’re excited to go.”

Orlando was a popular destination for families flying out Sunday morning.

“Our kids are on school break so we’re trying to surprise them and go to Disney,” said Rodney Villette, of Taunton. “Right now we’re just waiting for our flight, trying to start the summer off right.”

For many people, these April break adventures are the first trips they’ve taken in a very long time. “It’s been about a year and a half, which is a long time for us,” said Cross.

“It’s been about a year, a year and a half now,” said Villette. “It’s been a while, so we all need a break.”

Boston 25 News spoke to many fliers who said vaccination efforts are boosting their confidence in air travel and helping them feel comfortable hopping on a plane once again.

“I’m vaccinated,” said Maureen Russell, of Andover. “I definitely feel safer all around.”

Villette and his daughters agreed.

“Because of the vaccines, we think things are a little bit safer,” said Villette. “And the procedures that they go through at the airport, they seem to be very thorough.”

It’s been one month since Massachusetts changed its Travel Order to a Travel Advisory.

The advisory still encourages unvaccinated people to quarantine for 10 days upon returning home unless they test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of returning.

Some school districts are requiring students who travel during April break to get tested before they’re allowed back in the classroom.

“They have to get tested before they go back to school,” said Russell.

Children Boston 25 News spoke to said COVID-19 protocols are a small price to pay for a week away.

“It’s different with the masks and everyone having to stay six feet apart, but at least we can still go,” said fourth grader Jack Cross, of Paxton.

On Thursday, the TSA reported all six major New England airports screened their highest number of people so far this year.