Peabody police bust over $1M in products in illegal cannabis operation

Peabody police bust over $1M in products in illegal cannabis operation

PEABODY, Mass. — Peabody police shut down a massive illegal cannabis operation this weekend, seizing more than a million dollars worth of products.

They arrested Gary Cioffi of Peabody in the matter.

Prosecutors told the judge on Monday that part of the bust included marijuana products made to look like candy, saying products were everywhere in the house where Cioffi lived with his wife and two children.

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Police said the home was packed with cannabis-laced candy, which had been made and packaged by Cioffi.

Cioffi declined to comment on the charges, asking only, "Do you like macaroni and cheese?"

The neighborhood Cioffi lives in is a quiet, regular part of town. Police said they were tipped off by neighbors who said they saw a lot of activity around the house and could smell cannabis.

"Just a lot of traffic, just a lot of traffic," said Linda Silva, a neighbor. "And sometimes [it] smells, but they never bother us."

Police began doing surveillance at the house back in August until they pulled over one man, Marco Sosa, who was seen leaving the house after buying a considerable amount of product from Cioffi.

With a warrant in hands, police went into Cioffi's house and found what they described to be a major manufacturing, packaging and selling operation.

Neighbors say they worry about what could come of this story after that much product was found in the area.

"I just think the amount of it [that] could cause crime," said Rich, a neighbor. "You don't want people hurting each other at the end of the day."

Cioffi, who posted his original bail when he was arrested, was taken into custody on Monday after his bail was set to $100,000.