Peabody doctor accused of sexually assaulting patient, again

Peabody doctor accused of sexually assaulting patient, again

PEABODY, Mass. — A Peabody doctor is accused of sexually assaulting a patient and it’s not the first time a woman has accused him of misconduct.

Dr. Walter Levitsky, 84, has a private practice as a neurologist and has been practicing for nearly 60 years. After a woman went to police with serious allegations, he has been forced to turn in his medical license.

The victim told police she was getting a BMI, a Body Mass Index test done, which measures body fat.

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According to court documents, the woman alleges that "he slowly began pinching her skin all over her body, and he worked his way up the exposed stomach area." Then, the documents say the doctor said, "
"now let me see your boobs."

The patient told police Dr. Levitsky continued to pinch her body, then he began to fondle her exposed breasts.

Back in 1986, Dr. Levitsky was also accused of doing an "unwarranted breast exam". The Massachusetts Board of Medicine revoked Levitsky's license in 1986 after six patients said they were sexually assaulted by the prestigious neurologist.

The neurologist told police "he gets confused about his patients sometimes, and it would be helpful to let me know what you are talking about.”

FOX25 reached out to the Dr.'s lawyer, and he did not get back to us.