• PD: Loaded gun found in NH elementary school grounds

    By: Manoella Macedo


    PORTSMOUTH, N.H. - Police in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, said a loaded gun was found on school grounds on Thursday morning.

    According to a news release, a student on their way into Little Harbour School found a loaded handgun magazine in the grass on school grounds and immediately brought it to a teacher's attention.

    Officers called to investigate found surveillance video which showed a parent who had been picking up a student from class the day before accidentally dropped a magazine. The magazine had been inside the parent's pocket, and they did not notice it fell out.

    Portsmouth Police said no charges will be filed against the parent.

    In the state of New Hampshire, there are no laws prohibiting a person from bringing a firearm on school grounds. However, the Portsmouth School District has a policy in place which does not allow firearms on school grounds while school is in session.

    Both the police department along with the school department are reviewing school protocols for such incidents and making sure the most current policies and procedures are in place.

    Authorities say there was never any threat to the safety of the children or to anyone else at the school.

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