Water leak soaks Encore casino's poker room, forces players to evacuate

Water leak soaks Encore casino's poker room, forces players to evacuate

BOSTON — Several Encore patrons took to social media on Friday evening to report a water leak that completely soaked one of the casino's poker rooms.

Videos posted show the water running down from the ceiling, and some people reported the water level had gotten up to their ankles.

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Cell phone video shows the moments of chaos as waterfalls came bursting down from the ceiling of the room, leaving players and dealers scrambling for dry ground.

A spokesperson for Encore told Boston 25 News the leak in the poker room was quickly isolated and contained to that one room.

The room affected was evacuated to allow for crews to clean up, saying the area should be back to normal later in the night or by Saturday morning.

"We got our chips, we sat down," said Nicole Straight, who drove from Connecticut to play poker. "I mucked two hands and all of a sudden it’s raining from the ceiling, and I thought, 'Maybe it’s a water feature the Wynn is doing,' and the whole table is soaking wet."

Dealers were left scrambling to collect chips, move furniture and usher players out of the room.

"Everybody sort of didn’t know what to do and then they’re like, 'Get out! Evacuate, evacuate!' and people [even] left chips there," said Straight.

While the leak has been contained, it is still unclear what caused it to happen.

"I was like, 'I better get my chips,' because who knows, and you know chips are cash so you better grab your chips," said Straight. "That’s the first thing you got to do is grab your chips. I came in with my money I left with my money."