Patrol boat escorts humpback whale through Cape Cod Canal

Patrol boat escorts humpback whale through Cape Cod Canal

BOSTON — A patrol boat has helped escort a humpback whale swimming through the Cape Cod Canal.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources says it's "highly unusual" for a humpback whale to pass through the area. They posted a video on Facebook.

An unexpected visitor stopped by outer Onset Harbor on Thursday! WDNR and the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers Patrol Boat Parsons provided a security zone for a humpback whale that was swimming between Onset Island and Hog Island Channel! This was highly unusual for the area but anything is always possible! Due to the close proximity of the Onset Harbor Channel, WDNR closed the area to vessel traffic. The channel is back open now as the humpback eventually continued on its journey down Hog Island Channel towards Buzzards Bay and has not been spotted since. If you are going to be transiting the area please keep a look out, operate at a safe distance from the whale and report sightings to the Coast Guard.

Posted by Wareham Department of Natural Resources on Thursday, July 18, 2019
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The Cape Cod Times reports the New England District Army Corps of Engineers says canal marine traffic controllers received the report of the whale Thursday afternoon.

Patrol boat crews and park rangers found the whale near the Sagamore Bridge.

One of the patrol boats helped escort the whale during its transit, monitoring its position and ensuring marine traffic stayed away until it left the canal.

The whale continued its journey toward Buzzards Bay.