Patriots fans named one son Brady, plan to name baby on way Tom

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — A diehard Patriots family in Plymouth honored Tom Brady nine years ago when they named their son Brady. Now, they've got a chance to honor the GOAT once again.

Just days before the Super Bowl, they have another baby boy on the way, and they plan to name him Tom.

"I knew that name would always be good, even if he left the team, he was always a Patriot," said proud father Sean O'Connell. "So the fact that he’s still going now, and that I even get to consider him for my next son, nine years later, still winning the Super Bowl this year, it’s unimaginable."

His son, Brady O'Connell, idolizes his namesake just as much as his Dad. So, with another baby boy on the way, naming him Tom seemed to be the only option.

But convincing his wife to name both his sons after Tom Brady did take a little convincing.

"I pushed for 7 and a half months, but he won the AFC championship game and that’s what really sealed the deal for us," Sean O'Connell said.

Baby Tom is due on Friday. The O'Connells will be watching the Super Bowl from the hospital, hoping baby Tom and Brady will be good luck charms.

"There’s no way they could lose after I name my son Thomas, I can’t put that on him for the rest of his life and I don’t think Tom would do that to my son!" Sean O'Connell said.

But they have no doubt the Patriots will take home another trophy on Sunday.

And Brady's just happy knowing one day he'll have a brother to continue the legacy.

"In case I get hurt, we have a back up quarterback," said Brady O'Connell.