Patriots fan gets Super Bowl LII championship tattoo one week before big game

BOSTON – Many fans of the New England Patriots are confident in the team’s ability to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, but perhaps none are as confident as Eddy Ferrini.

Ferinni was planning to get a tattoo of the five previous Super Bowl victories for the Pats, but when he was telling friends he decided to save a return trip and get what he predicts will be their sixth victory added as well.

“They’re going to win, 100 percent confident, they’re going to win,” Ferinni said. “I’m about as nuts as it gets, I’d say, yeah.”

Ferinni lives in Boston, but he got the tattoo in his hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire a full week before the game.

“Right after I got it done, word had gotten around somehow, and I got a pretty funny text from my dad that said do not get a tattoo and I just said ‘too late,’” he said.

This isn’t the first Patriots-related ink for the 21-year-old Northeastern student who already has the TB12 logo on his arm.

“I was like kind of a little wary and then he triple-dog-dared me, and so I had to do it,” Ferinni said about a conversation with is friend.

Soon after posting a picture of the tattoo on Instagram, hundreds of comments followed.

“Every other comment is saying I jinxed it. And I don’t believe that a kid getting a tattoo would affect Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and the Patriots,” he said.

Ferinni predicts a 69-10 blowout in the Patriots favor, but said he can always change it to Super Bowl LIII next year if they don’t/

Because attending the game is so expensive, Ferinni is flying to Chicago then driving a rental car to Minneapolis and sleeping in the car with his friend before the game.