• International flight diverted second day in a row for weather

    By: Ted Daniel , Michael Henrich


    MANCHESTER, N.H. - Passengers on a flight from the Dominican Republic to New York were diverted to Manchester Regional Airport Monday night due to weather issues.

    The flight arrived at JFK around 7 p.m., but because of weather it was unable to land. After circling JFK for hours, the plane was running low on fuel and sent to Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Once on the ground at Manchester, a passenger said they were not immediately allowed off the plane because the airport didn't service international flights and didn't have a customs agent.

    A Delta spokesperson said customs officers were sent from Portland, Maine to Manchester, where they processed the 159 passengers.

    One passenger said she had been flying all day after leaving Mexico.

    “You need to have a little consideration for people. There’s a lot of people on this flight that have young children. To be sitting on a plane this long and expecting them just to sit here, and telling us that due to customs we can’t get out, they should have known that in the beginning,” Val Jones Berkley said. 

    After going through customs, the passengers were put up in hotels overnight because crew members had reached their limit on flying hours.

    The crew had to wait 10 hours before flying again.

    Tuesday afternoon the flight took off from Manchester with about 90 passengers on board. After arriving in the air over JFK, strong winds again prevented the plane from landing and after several circles around the airport it was again diverted, this time to Logan Airport.

    “I felt like the plane was being tossed around like a toy car it was absolutely insane we felt every single drop every single turn, the babies were crying, there were puke bags out people were throwing up,” Jared Kenish said.

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