Passenger opens fire on stopped car in Somerville

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — Somerville Police are investigating after they say a passenger inside a vehicle opened fire on a car waiting at a stoplight over the weekend. Few details have been released, but police said the incident was reported Saturday at the Mystic Avenue and Temple Street intersection.

Video captured the moment when a passenger in a silver or gray Toyota pointed a black handgun out of the driver’s side window and shot a dark Mercedes.

There is a day care and residences where families and kids reside nearby.

“They could’ve hit anybody,” said Dhiennyffer Prudencio, who lives nearby. “They could’ve hit kids even. They just drove off.”

After the shooting, police said both cars ran through the red light with the Toyota continuing north on Mystic Avenue and the Mercedes turning left on Temple Street.

“I’ve seen a few times people blowing red lights for no good reason, but that’s a good reason if someone shoots at you,” said Victor Nicholl, who also lives nearby.

Some neighbors said crime is nothing new in that neighborhood, pointing to a bullet hole in an office and residential window from several weeks ago.

“There’s like 2-3 shootings a week here, and it’s something we say is normal, at least I do,” Prudencio said. “I witnessed a shooting over there and they just shot out of the car and someone on the street.”

Still, others are defending the neighborhood.

“It’s in the car so you don’t know where they came from,” Nicholl said. “It doesn’t mean it’s here, it doesn’t mean the problem is here, they probably just landed here for a second to go somewhere else, that’s just chance, like any chance walking out your door.”

Police said they don’t have any indication at this time that the gunshot hit anyone and they don’t know whether the people in each car knew each other.

“I just want less crime here and less shootings because people are really angry out here,” Prudencio said. “If crime went down that would help a lot because I don’t even let my nephew play around here.”

The police blurred out the license plates, saying that was a precautionary measure, but they are asking anyone with information about the incident to call Somerville police at (617) 625-1600 ext. 7235

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