Parking restricted at Rhode Island beach due to piping plovers nest

Parking restricted at Rhode Island beach due to piping plovers nest

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. — While many made their way to the beach over the weekend, parking at one in Rhode Island was made a bit more difficult thanks to a piping plover nest.

A pair of piping plovers laid four eggs in the back of the parking lot at the Roger Wheeler State Beach, causing issues for some and joy for others.

"Super cool," Christine Portunato said. "We will come back every weekend, as long as it's not raining. I'm sure they'll wanna keep going over checking it out, seeing if they hatch. Maybe we'll be here when they hatch!"

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The nest isn't much bigger than the bird itself, but wildlife experts say they need a 50-foot perimeter to feel comfortable and continue incubating their eggs.

To make sure there's enough space, the beach blocked off almost 50 parking spaces.

"I think that's awesome actually," Tom Portunato said. "I think anything to do with the wildlife and conserving it is great, because we love the wildlife and all the animals. It's a very good learning experience for you."

Not everyone agrees, with some worried more parking spots will be closed off when the eggs hatch.

"It's ridiculous," Kevin Hurley said. "Because what's gonna happen when you have a busy summer day, they're not gonna be able to park and they'll have to go someplace else."

The eggs are expected to hatch in a month or so, and the plovers will likely stay in Rhode Island through the end of the summer before flying south.