Over 45,000 people walk in Boston Pride Parade

BOSTON — The 48th annual Boston Pride Parade for LGBTQ equality on Saturday was one for the record books.

The parade had more than 360 contingents and over 45,000 participants, making it the largest Pride Parade in Boston's history.

Over half a million spectators lined the 2.5-mile parade route, with people from around the world celebrating in the city throughout the day.

Mayor Marty Walsh marched with over 100 others in town for the United States Conference of Mayors.

"There's a lot of mayors here," Walsh said. "They're proud of pride, they're proud of gay rights. They're fighting for it, they're proud of what we've done in Massachusetts. The office supports any mayor that needs help, and we will be there from Massachusetts to help them."

Representatives from Boston's major league teams, like the Red Sox, Bruins and Revolution, all too part in the event.

Emani Dior, one of the marchers in the event, said she was proud of the end result of the day.

"Happy Pride, I'm doing good," Dior said. "Great day, it's beautiful out. I'm loving myself, I'm loving everybody love themselves, so it's a good day."