• Outraged parents call on school to address serious bullying problem


    WALPOLE, Mass. - Outraged parents called on Walpole school officials Wednesday night to fix the serious bullying problem they say is being swept under the rug.

    Walpole's school committee members wouldn't allow Boston 25 News cameras inside the meeting, but cellphone footage shows how furious parents were during the anti-bullying meeting.

    School officials held a last-minute meeting after Boston 25 News aired a video that had been caught on school cameras of a girl bullying her classmate.

    The 15-year-old girl claims she's been bullied at the high school for months.

    "It was an assault clearly, bullying is a recurring incident, or an imbalance of power," said Lincoln Lynch, the Superintendent of Walpole Public Schools. "Clearly there was an imbalance of power."

    Prior to the meeting, Boston 25 News sat down with Superintendent Lynch and the Walpole Police Chief.

    "We promise that student safety is our number one priority," said Lynch. 

    "This isn't just a school problem, it’s a community problem," said the Walpole police chief.

    Parents ar outraged and say school officials aren't doing enough about the bullying issue.

    "This is all lip service, they’re here because the incident was caught on camera," said Nadine Bailey, a parent.

    While parents lashed out at school officials, many say they are willing to work alongside the school to address the issue. They say they just want transparency, and for their kids to be safe.

    Boston 25 has been covering this story since the beginning, and we will continue to provide updates as it develops. 

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