One year later: Boston 25 Drone shows us how far we’ve come during pandemic

BOSTON — One year ago today, March 25, 2020, we were just one day into Massachusetts stay-at-home advisory. Life as we knew it, in communities across the state, came to a sudden halt.

The Boston 25 drone gave us a unique look at the vibrant city of Boston eerily quiet.

One year later, we flew back over our beloved city as it’s slowly coming back to life.

It’s been 12 long months, a year since our city was all but silent. It was desolate, chilling, eerie.

And, as it turned out, March 2020 was really only the beginning. The weeks that followed would be marked with uncertainty and fear. And, in the months that followed many things changed.

Lives were altered.

Lives were lost.

There were many dark days.

But with the promise of a new spring season comes the continued commitment of a city, with its’ iconic landmarks, familiar neighborhoods and moments of history etched throughout.

‘Boston Strong’ is a proud motto that goes beyond city limits.

As things slowly return to normal, nothing is normal yet. We’re still doing a lot, a lot differently.

But this city and its’ people are still standing. We are on our way. We’re still looking out for one another.

Still ‘Boston Strong’.