• Officers involved in East Boston shootout thank MGH doctors


    BOSTON - The two officers shot in East Boston back in October reunited with the doctors and nurses who saved them Thursday.

    From the doctors to the fellow officers involved, it's still difficult to think back to that night. 

    “We knew at that point that it was very critical with the amount of blood that was on the scene.  Every moment counted, which is why we made the decision to go in without any regard for our own safety,” said Sgt. Noberto Perez.

    What started as a response to a domestic call turned into a violent shootout when suspect Kirk Figueroa allegedly pulled out a weapon and starting shooting at Officers Richard Cintolo and Matt Norris.

    Perez and Officer Cliff Singletary ran into the home, even while there was gunfire. Singletary pinched the nerve of one of the fallen officers, hoping an ambulance would arrive in time.

    “There is no question many of the officers involved acted heroically, to confront a deadly gunman,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley, following the shootout.

    Thankfully, the ambulance did arrive in time. Despite massive blood loss and critical injuries, Cintolo and Norris survived and started slowly improving.

    The officers involved reunited Thursday with the MGH trauma doctors.

    “It's a unique honor to take care of those who take care of us,” said Dr. King.

    The doctors were given honorary badges, plaques, along with handshakes and hugs. It’s more than just a basic doctor-patient relationship for the injured officers and the surgeons.

    “I didn't just see them today. I have for a long period of time. I know them. Every couple of weeks I see them,” said one of the doctors.

    Seeing the reunion was especially moving to Police Commissioner William Evans, who recalled praying the officers would survive.

    “Because of all of the heroic actions, these officers are with their families today,” said Evans.

    Cintolo and Norris didn't want to talk to the media Thursday, and despite their progress, they haven't returned back to work.

    One of the trauma doctors was also involved in helping victims of the marathon bombings.

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