• Nonprofit helping children around the world get an education

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    Two local women are helping thousands of children around the world get an education by providing them with school uniforms. 

    El Salvador, Haiti and Rwanda are just some of the developing countries where students are required to wear a uniform to attend school. For many families, that simple requirement is simply out of reach.

    In 2011, Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy founded the nonprofit 'Tailored For Education.' Since then, they've donated thousands of uniforms to students in 10 different countries, working with 19 different education partners.

    "They're kids just like kids here. They have hopes and dreams," said Roy.

    "We intimately believe that every child has a right to an education and want every area where we work to be left better," said Kelly.

    They work to get more kids in schools and more jobs in those local economies... all uniforms are made where the students live.

    Now, Tailored For Education says they have the chance to help another 8,000 children just this month.

    "We have one amazing donor who offered to match dollar for dollar up to $100,000," said Roy.

    "There's no better gift in my mind than being able to give a child the gift of education," said Kelly.

    Any new donation made will be matched by Dec. 31. They say $25 gets one uniform, so a $12 donation with the match would make that happen.

    If you want to learn more or help, click here.

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