No dumbbells found at new 'smart gym,' just tailored workouts

No dumbbells found at new 'smart gym,' just tailored workouts

WELLESLEY, Mass. — Getting to the gym can be tough, but a new "smart gym" in Wellesley is hoping to make it easier.

The Exercise Coach, the areas first "smart gym," might look like any other facility, but there aren't weights to be found, just high-tech machines.

"We have smart equipment that actually customizes your workout based on your unique strength levels, so it's learning as you go, how you're doing, and it's customizing every inch of the way,” says co-owner Jeff Cotter.

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Every client pairs up with a coach who creates a profile outlining their strength levels. The machine's software then creates a workout that challenges the person with less risk for injury.

“People today want customization,” co-owner Natasha Shinberg says. “We have smart phones. We have smart cars. We have smart homes, and now we're offering smart gyms.”

Because the workouts are personalized and very efficient, the owners says a client only needs to go twice a week for a 20-minute workout to see results.

“Our retention rate is over 90%," Cotter says. "People come, and they come back because there’s nothing like it in the market.”

A working mom of three from Needham, Elizabeth Grimes says the Exercise Coach gym works for her because "just the two times a week, so far for me, has gotten me to where I can already feel it.

"I just want to be stronger and in better shape. I just want to be healthier with my body as we’re getting older."

Shinberg says anyone can join their program as it's for all fitness levels.

"Anybody can do this. We have pro athletes, but then we have 87-year-olds with osteoporosis."

Cotter and Shinberg say their rates cost less than most personal trainers, running between $30 to $60. There aren't memberships fees and the final cost depends on whether a person buys a monthly package or a group of sessions.

The Exercise Coach is offering two free trial visits for anyone interested. The owners plan to open a facility in Newton in the coming months.