N.H. woman arrested after demanding officer to return seized drugs

CONCORD, N.H. — A Concord, New Hampshire, woman was arrested twice in five hours Tuesday after officers said she returned to the police station to demand her drugs back that had been confiscated as evidence.

Emily Morin, 26, was charged with willful concealment and possession of a controlled drug stemming from a shoplifting incident at a Macy's Department Store.

During the encounter, police said, it was learned Morin's license and registration had been suspended. She had been released on $2,500 bail.

On the bail form, which Morin signed, said she was not to commit a state, local or federal crime while on bail. It also said she was not allowed to drive until her license was restored by the DMV.

Hours after she was released she returned to the station and wanted to speak with the police officer who arrested her.

Officer Andrew Feole spoke with Morin and a female friend that was with her. Morin demanded that Feole give her the suboxone, which was seized as evidence, back to her.

He refused and walked back into the police station, but then noticed Morin getting into the driver's seat of a car, which was explained to her that she could not do.

Feole ran into the lot and then behind the car and ordered Morin to step out of the vehicle. He said she refused.

He said he told her that her license and registration were still suspended and she was under arrest for violating that.

Morin initially refused to get out of the vehicle but Feole was able to force the door open and remove her.

He was finally able to handcuff her after several unsuccessful attempts.

Morin was charged with willful concealment, possession of a controlled drug on the original incident and driving after the suspension of a vehicle registration, driving after suspension, resisting arrest and breach of bail.