• N.H. boy jumps into action to save choking friend


    PENACOOK, NH - A lesson from dad helped an 11-year-old New Hampshire boy save his friend's life.

    Merrimack Valley Middle School student Jack Mongeau was in science class when his longtime friend Bella started choking. When she started turning blue, Jack jumped up and gave her the Heimlich maneuver.

    Jack had just recently learned the Heimlich from his father and was quick to show his mom that he knows what to do if he needs to save a life. 

    Luckily, Jack was there when Bella needed to be saved. 

    "I swallowed it and I tried to cough to get it out and I tried to swallow it but I couldn't swallow it and I was trying to say, 'Jack help me,'" said Bella.

    "See mom, God wants me to save," said Jack. 

    Jack and Bella, who have been best friends since second grade, surely now share a very special bond.

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