Newton police lieutenant, convicted felon named in real estate scam lawsuits

Newton police lieutenant & a felon named in real estate scam lawsuits

BOSTON - A Newton Police lieutenant and a convicted felon are both named in a lawsuit filed by people who had their homes stolen from them in a real estate scam.

Boston 25 News first reported on the real estate fraud back in June and now a grand jury is investigating the case.

A source told Boston 25 News the State Attorney General's office has convened a special grand jury and testimony is already underway.

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A spokesperson for the Newton Police Department says Lieutenant Francis Foley III has been on paid administrative leave since June 5th.

Foley was a business partner with Allen Seymour, a convicted con artist from Oxford, Mass.

Earlier in the summer, Seymour was arraigned in Brookline District Court under accusations of leading the scheme.

According to lawsuits filed by multiple victims, Seymour fraudulently transferred properties from their rightful owners to the Dudley Group, an LLC registered under Foley's name. The Dudley Group would then flip the buildings to wealthy real estate investors for big profits.

Since we first reported on this story, more victims have come forward.

At this point, Seymour is the only one arrested in connection to the case, but with the Attorney General's office convening a special grand jury, it is possible others, including Lt. Foley, could be criminally charged.

Lt. Foley and the State Attorney General haven't issued comments on the case.