• New toxic chemicals discovered in water around Pease Tradeport


    PEASE, NH - A nonprofit environmental watchdog group has filed a notice to sue Pease Development Authority.

    “It is troubling. We believe that the time is now for Pease to come into compliance,” said Conservation Law Foundation lawyer Tom Irwin.

    An investigation at New Hampshire’s Conservation Law Foundation uncovered toxic levels of perfluorochemicals, or PFCs, around Pease Tradeport. Investigators identified the risk in areas where rain and snow melt ran off into waterways around Pease.

    “These are chemicals that pose significant risks to the environment and in particular to developing fetuses and newborn children,” Irwin said.

    CLF lawyers notified Pease officials of their intent to sue over what they say is a violation of the federal Clean Water Act, saying the Pease Development Authority has been illegally discharging storm water without a permit.

    “This is a government agency, and they ought to know better,” Irwin told FOX25.

    Documents show that the water has tested high levels of PFOA and PFOS chemicals in streams and lakes around Pease. PFOA is a carcinogen, liver toxicant, and an immune system toxicant. PFOS is also dangerous to animal and human health, especially pregnant women and newborns. 

    Irwin says not only do the chemicals hurt the wildlife at Great Bay and in the Piscataquis River, but that some toxins could also pollute sources of drinking water.

    “These are chemicals that we definitely need to keep out of our environment,” he said.

    While this is separate from the previous issue at Pease for the polluted wells on the base, it does involve the same chemicals (PFCs and PFOAs) that people are so worried about.

    Legal notices from the Conservation Law Foundation can be found here and  here.

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