New Hampshire to require insurance coverage for fertility treatments

CONCORD, N.H. — This week New Hampshire became the 17th state in the country to require insurance coverage for fertility treatments.

Coverage will include diagnosis of infertility and access to fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization or IVF.

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The Granit State also became the 7th in the nation to cover fertility preservation for those facing loss of future fertility due to medical treatments like chemotherapy for treating cancer.

Massachusetts does require coverage for fertility treatments, but not fertility preservation.

The struggle to build a family is unfortunately a prevalent one: Approximately one in six couples will experience some form of infertility and approximately one in four will experience a pregnancy loss.

RESOLVE New England is a non-profit organization dedicated to support, education and advocacy for those struggling with infertility said. In response to the new legislation, Executive Director Kate Weldon LeBlanc said "There are thousands of New Hampshire residents who will now have coverage for the fertility care that is medically needed. As one patient said upon hearing about the bill being signed, ‘My dream of parenthood feels more attainable now.”

New Hampshire’s law takes effect January, 2020.

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