• New Hampshire teen meets good Samaritans who saved him from fiery crash

    By: Malini Basu


    DUBLIN, N.H. - The 18-year-old who survived a horrific head-on, fiery crash has met the heroes who saved his life. 

    New Hampshire teen Sam Lachance was driving his Jeep toward Keene on Main Street in Dublin when Chief Timothy Suokko said it crossed the center line and collided with an oncoming semi. The impact caused the truck's fuel tank to rupture, which sparked a massive fire. 

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    Lachance spent nearly a month in the hospital and was released just over two weeks ago. 

    On Friday, he met the good Samaritans who jumped into action and pulled him from the fiery crash. Lachance was speechless. He says a simple 'thank you' isn't good enough. 

    "I feel so thankful. I'm standing here," said Lachance. 

    Marc Cramer was driving with his 19-year-old son when they saw the crash. 

    "When Sam's Jeep drifted over, there was disbelief that my life was going to end this way with my son," said Cramer. 

    Their car took the dashcam video showing the powerful crash.

    "I cried out, Lord help me," said Cramer. 

    Marc, his son John, and another good Samaritan all risked their own lives to save Sam. 

    "The only thing I can go back to is waking up in the hospital with a ton of injuries, like how did I get here?" said Sam. "I still can't wrap my head around it."

    Sam says he will be taking this semester off to recover from his brain injuries and then plans to go back to Keene State where he wants to do graphic designing. 

    Lachance says he plans on keeping touch with his heroes. 

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