One year later, still no sign of missing Hanson woman

One year later, still no sign of missing Hanson woman

HANSON, Mass. — Sandra Crispo vanished from Hanson, Massachusetts exactly one year ago, August 7, 2019.

Since then, not a single piece of evidence has publicly surfaced to suggest whether the 54-year-old grandmother is alive or dead.

“It’s so frustrating,” Sandra’s daughter, Laina McMahon, told me. “It’s a very emotional time for my family right now.”

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Laina fears her mother was a victim of foul play. 

“She would never just leave. Never, leave her grandchildren, her life behind. She just started a new life in Hanson,” McMahon said.

On the afternoon of August 7, 2019, between 4:30 and 5, Sandra’s son-in-law, Laina’s husband, dropped Sandra off at her house.

Sandra’s car was in the shop and she was given a ride home.

The day after Sandra was dropped off her, Laina tried to call her, but Sandra never answered the phone.

“I instantly had a bad feeling. It’s not like her to not answer the phone. Especially with her vehicle in the shop,” Laina remembered.

On the morning of Friday the 9, Laina stopped by to drop her children off for a visit, but Sandra was gone.

Police scoured the house for forensic evidence, they searched nearby woods and waterways, but there was no sign of Sandra.

“I wish I knew what happened, I don’t think the outcome is desirable. Unfortunately, I have to keep faith in the law enforcement that they are going to get answers and they’ll find out what happened,” Laina McMahon said.

In a statement, the Plymouth County DA said: “Investigators have conducted multiple interviews, followed up on leads and utilized canines, the State Police Airwing and underwater drones for searches. The investigation is very active and ongoing.”

If you have any information, you are urged to contact Mass State Police.